Life Coaching

My transformation and life coaching is a process of inquiry and personal discovery to build your level of awareness and responsibility, as well as provide you with structure, support and effective feedback. Coaching is a process of goal-setting and strategic action that leads to extraordinary outcomes in your personal and professional life.

Coaching helps you improve your performance and enhance the quality of your life. You are naturally creative and resourceful. It is my job as a coach to provide the support to enhance your skills, resources and creativity that already exists within you with my expertise and guidance.

The quicker you attach yourself to my coaching, the sooner you can begin the process of managing yourself to achieve your goals. You will achieve a sense of happiness, love and purpose, creating a life you will love.


I am a healthy high energetic visionary person taking "dreams into reality". I offer my skills in personal and business coaching delivering high results and success for over 20 years. My coaching programmes are personalised, designed to best suit your needs, and based on what works.

    • The truth on your life, a current life assessment, assess your choices and your decision making and role models
    • Guide you through periods of stress, hurt and pressure – being a confidential friend
    • Identify the obstacles you face at home or at work and find out your limiting beliefs and fears
    • Identify the best strategies to pave the way to your dream life, better relationships and higher work goals
    • Confidence in yourself in and in the future in all areas of your life
    • Works with you to create a personal vision and an action plan for a better life
    • Accountability to yourself and realistic goals, identifying your values, excuses, distractions and desired results.
    • Keeps you on track and you focused to take responsibility for your own decisions
    • Are there for you whenever you need to “talk things out” or deal with all kinds of issues in every area of your life

    YOUR INVESTMENT: Investment for change. Without investment, you don’t get big results. You will be taken down a journey of change; it may be uncomfortable but I will support you to thrive towards your BEST LIFE and to be successful than ever and you will have your best years after our coaching sessions or programmes.

    ASSESSING YOUR LIFE NEEDS AND SUPPORT: I will run an assessment on all areas of your life, profiling your life as it is now, to see what is limiting you and what holds you back. I love what I do as I see the massive change in my clients and big transformations. This transformation and shifting mindsets is my gift and my promise that working together we can achieve massive results and chase your dreams.

    Coaching is not therapy or counselling. Coaching is focused on your strengths, not weakness and the future not the past. It is a commitment to forward-thinking and forward actions. We shine the light on current issues and then we together workaround solutions.

    BECOMING A CLIENT: You are entering into a great partnership with me and the Elite Living Academy team. WE ARE COMMITTED TO POWERFULLY IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF YOUR PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL LIFE.

    1-1 LIFE COACHING & TRANSFORMATIONAL PROGRAMMES: If you commit to any 1-1 or Coaching programme you will get fabulous results. Follow my guidance and support towards your goals and create major changes in your life. You will be challenged and supported to raise your standards, change your behaviour and beliefs to get the results you desire and deserve. Well done... being on this site is your first step to creating the change you want and unlocking your true greatness and living your BEST LIFE.

    “Live your life with Love, Happiness, Health and Purpose”