Beauty Queen Programme

Beauty Queen Programme 4 Week Programme £500:

Do you want to be a beauty queen? I have the passion to make it happen. I can provide elite coaching with my experience and expertise on pageant coaching. I really can support you to achieve your dream with essential guidance. Investment in you is crucial to your success.

What we offer What difference it will make to YOU
  • 2 top coaching sessions from Miss World 2015 - Top 20 Contestant Leanne McDowell
  • Essential Guidance, Tools & Tip
  • Understanding Beauty with a Purpose
  • Beauty with a Purpose Presentation
  • Building your brand
  • Intense work 1-1 Coaching & Top Tips as a Beauty Queen
  • Interview Q & A’s with Miss World 2015 previous contestant Leanne McDowell
  • Pageant World Top Success Tips
Pageant Guide also available
  • Building rapport with fans
  • Building rapport with judges
  • Building your brand as a beauty queen
  • A brilliant foundation to the pageant world
  • Finding your beauty with a purpose
  • Greater confidence, motivation
  • Top guidance and top experience
  • Essential tips and guidance for pageant success – get noticed
  • Great answers to top questions

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