Healthy Mind

Real-life guidance to support individuals to live well, have a greater self-awareness to improve happiness with a greater positive mindset.

Finding ME AGAIN £500:

Do you have negative thoughts, does your negative self-talk in your head control you? Do you have feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, worry, moods and hit self-destruct. Do you want to communicate your thoughts better? Find yourself again - Rise and Shine with my help.

Do you want to move from Victim to Inspirator - Addressing negative thinking, self- sabotage, self-destruction and limiting beliefs, life challenges, building self-esteem/self-image with new coping tools and skills.

What we offer What difference it will make to YOU

3 (60 mins) Coaching Sessions

  • Self- awareness and unhealthy habits

  • Addressing negative thoughts – how you can sabotage yourself

  • Address self-destruction

  • Understanding self-belief/ limiting beliefs

  • Overcome depression

  • Find out what hurts you

  • Practice mindfulness

  • Overcome problems effectively

  • Understanding how to build rapport and social connections

  • Build self-esteem/self-image

  • Importance of daily journaling - Journal Guide

  • Find out what keeps you from being yourself
  • A brilliant foundation to great emotional wealth

  • Address stresses in your life

  • Supporting you when you feel stuck in bad habits, bad thoughts and self-destruction

  • Breaking through being indecisive

  • Identify your excuses

  • Understanding real underlying issues

  • Become more self-aware

  • Essential guidance to building a good foundation step by step with essential life lessons

  • Explore the life you really want

  • Starting a journey to become the best version of YOU

MY MIND FITNESS Programme £1,000:

Do you want to be a better communicator in relationships with your friends, family, work colleagues/ business partners? Recognise mind fitness and is key to success in all areas of life so get ready to find out my top secrets, lessons and guidance. With us having between 12,000 - 60,000 thoughts per day - learn how to keep your head clear and your mind sharp. A brilliant foundation for a healthy mindset addressing: Anger Management, Fear Effective Communication, Bad Habits and Anxiety. Recognise mind fitness and is key to success in all areas of life so get ready to find out my top secrets and lessons for healthy thinking. It's a shame to grow old never finding out the right way to think, act and communicate.

What we offer What difference it will make to YOU

5 (60 mins) Coaching Sessions

  • Building big self-awareness
  • Understanding how the mind works
  • Understanding poor mental health
  • Understanding good mental health
  • Myer’s Briggs personality testing
  • Building self-esteem/self-image
  • Building confidence
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (alleviate fears, stress & anxiety)
  • Understanding representation systems
  • Understanding limiting beliefs
  • Building higher self- belief
  • Positive mind-set training- mindfulness
  • Importance of goal setting
  • Model and compare exercise
  • Implementing daily gratitude
  • Importance of learning
  • Goal setting for a life positive life
  • A brilliant foundation for a healthy mind-set
  • Supporting you to learn, grow and master your life in all areas of your life
  • Essential guidance to building a good positive mind-set with greater guidance and top experience from an NLP Trained Practitioner
  • Learn how to communicate better, challenge yourself and expand the mind becoming a better thinker and understanding life better
  • Finding your biggest challenges and aware of your personality type
  • Find out what holds you back most from your dreams
  • Goal setting to bigger achievements and success
  • Practising regular gratitude and mindfulness

  • Find your natural inner higher self

  • Challenge risks and get out of your comfort zone
  • Control your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and your action