Healthy Relationships

Real-life guidance to support individuals to understand themselves in relationships have better communication, deeper love, with sustainable happiness and better relationships

Relationship Break UP Programme £500:

Real-life guidance to support individuals to understand themselves in relationships. Do you want to get over your ex, is your relationship unhealthy and toxic and you need to move on? Invest in yourself with the right steps to regain your beautiful life back again, dealing with separation and divorce. Desire the NEW YOU and heal your heart. Break Up and Rise Up.

What we offer What difference it will make to YOU

3 Top Coaching Sessions (50 mins each)

  • Lessons in heartbreak
  • Heal your heart
  • When loving others is hurting YOU
  • Lessons from past relationships the importance of healthy relationships
  • Essential break up guide to moving on with your life
  • Take back control of your life
  • Understand how to control your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and your actions.
  • Become more self-aware of the significant and lessons of your relationship for future happiness

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Finding True Love £500:

Do you want a healthy relationship? Have you been single for a while? Do you keep dating the wrong people?. Do you want to work out what you are doing wrong? Do you want to take some time out and invest in the right ways to find your true love? Invest in this programme now to find a healthy relationship. Find out the secrets and the formula for finding your soul mate. Commit and get relationship coaching RIGHT NOW and find TRUE LOVE moving from single status to relationship status.

What we offer What difference it will make to YOU

5 Coaching Sessions (50 mins each)

  • Barriers to finding love
  • Understanding limiting beliefs that stop you from finding love
  • Understanding past relationships
  • Love needs analysis
  • Improved communication
  • Relationship values
  • Visualising your ideal relationship
  • Relationship goal setting
  • Successful dating top secrets
  • Secrets of successful couples
  • Moving from single status to relationship status
  • Understanding your own behaviours
  • Understanding your love needs
  • Finding your relationship values
  • Build better communication – build emotional intelligence and confidence
  • Let go of the past and learning lessons from past
  • Understanding how to use perceptual positions
  • Understanding how to resolve problems
  • Find out what you are really looking for in a relationship
  • Transform how you can express yourself
  • Learn to love again, engage and love deeper

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Lasting Love - Healthy Relationship Programme £2,000:

Do you want a healthy relationship and need our help. Do you want to invest in yourself and your partner to have build greater understanding, better communication and greater love in your relationship? Do you want an Elite Loving Relationship? You have found a unique programme.

What we offer What difference it will make to YOU

10 Coaching sessions (50 mins each session)

Review Relationship

  • Recognised changes needed in your relationship
  • Recognise each other’s challenges, fears, worries in the relationship
  • Qualities you both bring to the relationship

Build a Healthy Relationship

  • Building forgiveness from past
  • Importance of relationship roles
  • Importance of relationship values
  • Understand each other needs/expectations
  • Understanding Perceptual Positions
  • Understanding Love needs
  • Relationship goals – building your ideal relationship and vision for a fabulous relationship
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming - building rapport and respect
  • solving conflict effectively
  • Healthy Relationship v Unhealthy Relationship
  • Top tips from exceptional loving couples
  • Couple Mediation with Music – “Lily was Here”

Review Your Current

  • Relationship Deciding the vision for your relationship in the future
  • Understanding each other’s behaviours and emotional states
  • Understanding each other’s qualities and roles

Build a Fabulous Healthy Relationship

  • Learning lessons from past
  • Forgiving and let go of the past
  • Finding out your core relationship values
  • Build better communication – building emotional intelligence
  • Understanding perceptual positions to better understand each other
  • Transform how you can express yourself
  • A more loving closer relationship
  • Better understanding to resolve problems and conflict
  • Transform how you learn, express yourself and grow together, interact and love
  • Love deeper – understanding each other’s love needs in the relationship
  • Building respect – seeing each other people’s versions of the world
  • Learn to love again, engage and love deeper
  • Refresh your Love Life: Develop a more passionate intimate relationship

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Positive & Motivating Parenting £500:

Do you need parenting support - Do you need to discuss your current parenting issues. We can help you to be a successful parent bringing up an emotional wealthy child/ children. Get essential guidance because we know how positive parenting is crucial to your child’s future, their emotions and future success.

What we offer What difference it will make to YOU

5 Coaching Sessions (60 mins)

  • Good parenting
  • Single parenting roles and support
  • Couple/ co-parenting Support
  • Roles and responsibility of Parenting
  • Needs of the healthy family
  • Perceptual positions
  • Confidence, care and consistency
  • Mothering wisdom
  • Toxic behaviours transfer
  • Communication styles
  • Vision boards – goal setting


is designed for parents who need to lead and be a role model dealing with family issues to support high performance with children and teens.

  • Essential guidance, tools & tips of parenting
Empowering parents with the skills they need to release the pressures of parenting in everyday life.

A brilliant foundation for parenting

  • Supporting you to support your child/ children to grow as emotionally stable children
  • Understand your needs and responsibilities
  • Supporting you when you feel stuck and indecisive with parenting situations
  • Finding Confidence, Being Caring and Consistent
  • Mothering Support
  • All teenagers right to learn what their own emotional prosperity looks like
  • Empower your teens to make smart choices about alcohol, drugs, sex, mental health, family relationships and the pressures they face today.
  • Listening to what your child is not saying
  • Hearing your child’s silent cry for help.
  • Learn new listening skills
  • Find out your child’s learning and communication styles
  • Limiting toxic behaviours that are transferred to children.
  • Learn how to create new beginnings and dreams/ vision boarding
  • Increase parenting skills through self-awareness.

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Surviving Domestic Violence £500:

Have you been hurt, controlled and experienced an unhealthy toxic relationship? Do you need support in getting the real YOU back and build a life and better future? We can help you build confidence, trauma, PSTD, build faith in relationships and love again. We offer essential guidance and support from survivors of Domestic Violence. Become a Liberated Woman. Flourish from your scars of abuse and trauma liberating you to live your dream life with our compassionate team.

What we offer What difference it will make to YOU

4 Coaching Sessions

  • Healthy V’s unhealthy relationships
  • Understanding domestic violence
  • Roles and responsibility of parenting
  • Needs of the healthy family
  • Essential guidance, tools & tips of being a survivor
  • Wisdom from survivors
  • Finding your purpose
  • 1-1 survivor support
  • Embracing change
  • A brilliant foundation to building resilience
  • Supporting you to be more emotionally stable
  • Grow and learn – supporting emotionally stable children
  • Finding you again
  • Understand your needs and finding purpose
  • Supporting you when you feel stuck and depressed or suffering PTSD
  • Finding Confidence AGAIN in YOUR
  • Mothering Wisdom
  • 1-1 Survivor Support

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