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Elite Living

Many of us feel challenged in our daily lives with many life decisions. Investing time in our personal life, career, business or dreams is crucial to managing life in a unique and satisfying way. Elaine wants to empower more people to take their dreams to reality, igniting their inner potential and passion, supporting them through periods of change to breakthrough to their powerful shining inner self.

Elaine believes to live an amazing life you need to address 6 areas of your life to grow personally and professionally:

  • Healthy Mind - Positive mental health, positive self-talk, positive feelings and behaviours
  • Healthy Body - Maintain health and well-being with good healthy eating habits and exercise
  • Healthy Relationships - Good connections with partners, family, friends and the community
  • Healthy Finances and Career - Growth, success, abundance and achievements
  • Healthy Soul - Connection to the others, finding your soul purpose, core values and gratitude
  • Healthy Lifestyle - Life decisions, work and life balance, interests and good daily rituals

Do you want a fabulous life - with love, happiness, success and purpose?

Elite Living Academy opens the way for alternative approaches to personal and professional development. Elaine explores your potential of an empowered lifestyle, successful visions full of creativity, vitality and change. By addressing your fears, limiting beliefs and working on identified areas of your life - YOU can change your life, your career and set big goals.

When you work on developing yourself, you find your true purpose, you develop awareness, you create a new mindset with new beliefs and you start to flourish with a clear vision. You relate better to the world around you and have new focus: having better relationships with friends, family, partners, the community and work colleagues. Investment in YOU creates a NEW YOU and a NEW WORLD.