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Elaine manages Women INSPIRED (Facebook Private Group - previously known as Elite & Fabulous Women) - it has a big message and a strong purpose, supporting women to live their best life. It's an energising and inspiring group focusing on personal growth and wellness for women. This online free Facebook group is for women who want to live a liberated life and thrive to empower each other. Elaine sends empowering daily messages to inspire women on their life path, sharing her wisdom and feminine energy.

This FaceBook group connects women: then we empower, transform and inspire each other - creating a space where women can share experiences, insights, quotes and resources all while having fun making meaningful connections. Be present, engage and get connected to this Women's group. Us women are all on a personal journey so doing it TOGETHER with other like-minded women will give you the energy your life needs right now - maybe just one post might be the right guidance you need that day. Join this FaceBook group NOW.

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Elaine is a very friendly and professional woman inspiring many individuals and organisations to perform at their best. She has a passion for health, nutrition, love and success. With over 20 years’ experience in self-development and success coaching, Elaine also runs specialised and tailored workshops pulling together powerful materials to share her resources and coping tips for living a fabulous life.

"I believe in women empowering women. I am passionate about liberating women to achieve their best possible life - escaping the ordinary, discovering the bliss and freedom within. Every woman deserves to feel connected to her body, with wellness and to radiate happiness - free from fear, stress and overwhelm to live a life full of purpose. With our Elite Values (Empower, Liberate, Inspire, Transform, Elevate) we as a group tend to support women to move from living ordinary to extraordinary, dreaming big and being beautiful inside and out".

SISTERHOOD OF TRANSFORMATION: This is our Virtual Life Coaching Support Group coming REAL SOON. I will be holding weekly life coaching sessions within a group creating a space for additional support needed beyond a daily post and to get connected to others to support your life challenges.

LIBERATED & FABULOUS: This is our new women’s empowerment 8-week course well-being programme.

Let me know if you are interested in any of these private or group sessions by sending me an email: elaine@elitelivingacademy.com


If you want to inspire other women and need help starting a women’s group? or maybe you want to run themed workshop and got a hot topic but need help with presentations or resources - just get in touch and we devise topics, workshop and adapt training programmes for YOU.

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