Transformational Packages

Real life guidance and support to individuals for a better life, abundance, amazing loving relationships and great health with sustained happiness and BIG TRANSFORMATIONS.

At the moment ...

  • You feel stuck in your life, love, relationships or business
  • You’re overwhelmed and unsure of your next steps
  • You’re definitely not living the life you desire
  • You think big dreams for your life and business is just out of reach
  • You need help to chase better health, love, purpose and your dreams


Weekend Coach: £99

Do you feel stuck in life, feel overwhelmed or confused about certain areas of your life? Do you need the right lessons, the right steps, tools and exercises to challenge you to get back on track? Don’t plan for the weekend - take time out and invest in YOU and stop making excuses. Get 5 of my top transformational resources: Life Assessment, The Art of Living – Lessons for a Liberated Life Book, The Art of Living Workbook, A Journal Guide and A Positive Affirmations Guide with a one-hour coaching session.

What we offer What difference it will make to YOU


  • 1 Coaching Session
  • Life Assessment
  • The Art of Living Book
  • The Art of Living Workbook
  • Self-awareness assessment
  • Journal Guide
  • Positive Affirmations Guide
  • Recognise Weaknesses/ Strengths
  • Recognise Personal Values and Inner Purpose
  • Self Awareness - Clearer Vision and Focus
  • Learn about your Inner Being and Grow as a person
  • Progress on the Personal Development Path - sustainable happiness
  • Clarity and Clear Direction and get big lightbulb moments
  • Learn the Importance of Daily Journaling

Liberated and Fabulous Women 8-week Programme £800:

Do you want a liberated and fabulous life? Do you want more self-awareness? get guidance and my secret formula for living an amazing life. Become a better person and liberate your beautiful soul. You know you need help and I know this small investment will change your life forever. We offer essential guidance, time for YOU because you always focused on others. I know coaching is crucial to living a fabulous life with love, happiness, purpose and success.

What we offer What difference it will make to YOU

8 Week Coaching Sessions

  • Elite Living Discovery Session
  • Elite Living – Life Assessment
  • Self-Love – Awareness
  • Self-Love – Confidence, Beliefs
  • Self-Love - Body Rehab
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Healthy Finances & Abundance
  • Healthy Lifestyle - Visioning
Essential Guidance, Tools & Tips with intense work for personal development and growth
Also, this course provides essential Health & Well-being material for Coaches
  • Empowering Women Programme
  • You will feel Liberated and Fabulous
  • Learn to love yourself & Love others
  • Time out to Get to Know You
  • Start loving life more - challenge your creativity
  • A brilliant foundation to free you to a better in life
  • Clarity on life decisions - reducing anxiety and stress
  • Build better relationships and connections
  • Create awareness of self: body, mind, heart and soul
  • More positive and grateful life
  • More confidence and motivated to unlock your inner magic
  • FINDING YOURSELF AGAIN: Fight fears and worries, understand your limiting beliefs.

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Women who Shine - 12 Week Diamond Transformation Programme £2,000:

Do you want a happy life? Do you need a coaching programme that works for you as a whole person towards winning your life back taking your life to a new level? Do you want to create a life you will love? Are you ready for a total transformation and BIG LIFE CHANGES?

What we offer What difference it will make to YOU


12-week coaching sessions
  • Week 1: Discovery Session - LIFE ASSESSMENT
  • Week 2 + 3: HEALTHY MIND
  • Week 3 + 5: HEALTHY BODY
  • Week 10: HEALTHY SOUL x 1 week
  • Week 11: HEALTHY LIFESTYLE x 1 week
  • Week 12: Art of Living Plan + Review
Transformational Exercises, Tools, Resources


  • Clarity on life decisions
  • Supporting you when you indecisive
  • 20 years of health and well-being experience and tools packaged up just for you
  • Powerful resources for transformation and change in your life
  • Breakthrough to your journey towards an amazing life and wonderful lifestyle
  • Empowering you to live healthy, happy, successful and fulfilled life.
  • Unlocking your inner potential, promoting opportunities to be active in the community.
  • Personal Journey of self-development and success, taking control of your life, setting goals and taking the right action.
  • Producing a LIFE PLAN – Create a LIFE YOU LOVE


A better life, an abundance of wealth, amazing loving relationships and great health.

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Living Well - Ageing Well Programme £1,000:

Are you aged over 50 and want to age well? We all know life doesn’t come with a manual so I will help you readjust your life. We can help you to regain confidence with our essential knowledge and experience in developing later life health & well-being programmes and let you know the secrets to ageing well. I know Ageing Well is crucial to a happy life so we will share with you our top guidance on ageing well.

What we offer What difference it will make to YOU

5 Top Coaching Sessions

  • The Art of Living Book
  • Materials and Resources
  • Emotional Wealth
  • Health & Well-being
  • Family Needs v Your Needs
  • Understanding Gratitude
  • Importance of Connections
  • Positive Ageing Guidance
  • How to get involved in Age-Friendly Schemes
  • Finding Your Purpose - Volunteering
  • Understanding Family Needs V’s Your Needs
  • Importance of Being Grateful
  • Connected more to your Friends and Community
  • Building Emotional Resilience
  • Understanding Primary Love Languages
  • Better Health & Energy for full engagement in our life
  • Ageing Well – Loving Life with 5 Simple Steps

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NEW PROGRAMME: VISION BOARD WORKSHOP: £60 each (minimum 10 people)love to be able to help guide you to visualise your new life and set you on a path to start the journey to personal growth and wellness. A practical workshop where together we will create a powerful vision for what you desire in live. Set visual goal and learn to have a life worth living.

NEW PROGRAMME: SPIRITUALITY: £300 Develop a healthy soul with spiritual maturity. Explore soulful relationships and connect a beautiful new world by strengthening your intrinsic values and beliefs with a higher path of faith, joy, hope and love. Awaken your soul and restore wholeness and balance with self-discovery and enhanced spiritual health.

VIP Exclusive Elite Life COACHING Package £10,000:

Do you want to transform your life NOW. Do you want help with personal development and success coaching for the next year to live an ELITE LIFE? Do you need help with every area of your life from beginning to the end? Let's talk and design a personalised coaching programme for you. I am committed and I really want you to help you. I would offer you a free 30-minute discovery session NOW. Just send me an email and I can arrange to talk to you. Changing your life and being successful takes time and investment. I am ready to help you MASTER YOUR ELITE LIFE, WITH LOVE, HAPPINESS, PURPOSE AND SUCCESS.

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