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Elaine Curry

Elite Living Academy is a premier provider of lifestyle and professional coaching. Our elite coaching focuses on excelling personal growth and success. We aim to connect, empower, energise and inspire – sharing our wisdom, experiences, insights, skills, resources to support you in your personal or professional life, taking dreams to reality working with our 5 key ELITE values: Empower, Liberate, Inspire, Transform and Elevate.

Elaine Curry the founder of Elite Living Academy is a life coach and success coach. Elaine specialises in working especially with women and charities. She is passionate about women's empowerment supporting and guiding women to become the best version of themselves so they feel liberated with more confidence, reclaiming their feminine power, chasing their dreams and achieving success to genuinely live a great life.

Elaine is an inspirational person who transformed her own life from a small town single mum, to becoming an inspirational woman with an empowered positive mind-set. Her inspiration now is to reconnect people to their powerful life force, helping heart centred businesses and charities be successful. Elaine LOVES helping people achieve their full potential. Elaine offers the right guidance and invites change sharing her inner wisdom and empowerment, offering 1-1 coaching, mentoring and transformational programmes.
Elaine <span>Curry</span>

Living with Excellence

Life and Business Coaching

Elaine <span>Curry</span>
Elaine <span>Curry</span>
Elaine <span>Curry</span>

Elaine reconnects people to their powerful life force, helping heart centred business and charities be successful. She has two decades of experience in personal and professional development, offering many uplifting empowerment programmes and support packages.

Elaine attracts clients locally and globally and has a great passion for women empowerment and charity development, coaching amazing people to address challenges in areas of their personal or professional life. Her mission in life is to make a positive difference to someone every day - this drives Elaine to spring out of bed in the morning!

LIFE COACHING - Personal Clients contact Elaine wanting: to change their life; to address relationship issues; overcome breakups; to survive domestic violence; to find true love; to have a healthier body; to change their career; or to support life transitions and challenges that has lead to anxiety, struggles and negativity - all with a view to leading to building resilience and living a life full of love, happiness, purpose and success.

Elaine loves sharing her positive transformational journey sharing her lessons and how to have a powerful positive mindset. She is currently writing a book The Art of Living - Lessons for a Liberated Life - A real-life guide to love, happiness and finding your life's purpose: she will share her amazing lessons and tips so you can live a beautiful life. Elaine also has another e-book: Control Your Psoriasis Don't Let It Control You (Elaine suffered from a chronic skin disease psoriasis developed at an early age of 15 and is now living free form Psoriasis for over 20 years. Elaine understands how to overcome health challenges and how to live with better health and well-being.

SUCCESS COACHING - Professional Clients contact Elaine wanting: to talk about business or charity development, strategic planning, people development, project development, workshop facilitation and training, fundraising, or CEO mentoring.