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Healthy Relationships

In a modern-day world, people are so busy seeking careers, spending time building businesses and following their passions, but a lot of people have various relationship issues. Issues maybe with finding the right partner, sustaining a good healthy relationship, leaving a toxic relationship, maintaining a good marriage, issues with their friends, children, work colleagues or family members.

Dealing with relationships is a massive subject lesson for Elite Living Academy, so I highlight the importance of healthy relationships in my 1-1 life coaching SCHOOL OF LOVE programmes and also in my new book The Art of Living out Autumn 2018. I offer relationship coaching, guidance and lessons in the following areas:

  • Healthy Relationships – With Your Partner: Relationship Break Ups, Finding Love, Elite Loving - Deeper Love and Building a Healthy Relationship with Good Communication and Understanding your Partner's Love Needs
  • Healthy Relationships – With Your Family: Positive and Motivational Parenting
  • Healthy Relationships – With Your Friends: Healthy Friendships
  • Healthy Relationships – With Your Community: Good Connections
  • BOOK Your 1-1 Discovery Session £60

    BOOK Your 1-1 Discovery Session £60

    50 Minute coaching session to explore an area of your life you need support in, find out your biggest challenges and frustrations. It will empower you with the right guidance and tools to address a priority area of your life that needs attention.

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  • Book Your 1-1 Coaching Session £100

    Book Your 1-1 Coaching Session £100

    90 mins coaching session: Elite Living Plan and Assessment used to discover extensively areas of your life you want to change - guidance and discussion on support needed for change helping you to make the right choices, goals and guide your right path for your bright future.

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    Surviving a Break-Up; Surviving Domestic Violence, Finding True Love; Elite Love - Couples Healthy Relationship Programme; and Positive Parenting.

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