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Elite Living Academy can offer you Executive Coaching and Elite Consultancy Packages to assist you to grow your business and be successful. The reason is that most people don’t grow is they don’t understand the process of how to produce lasting results – and they never take the first steps, take the right steps and they get lost with business overwhelm. Are you finally ready to end this cycle of feeling stuck? I give you access to my Business Coaching support - where you talk about concerns and we work through challenges and solutions. So, this is an opportunity to level up, ignite, expand and grow. You weren’t meant to do this thing alone!


Introduction to Business Development Coaching Sessions

Business Support/ Coaching Session £60: 45mins coaching session on an area of your life you need support towards a Healthy Finances and Personal Development.

Business Support Discovery Session £100: 90 mins - Business Support Extensively Explored - Guidance to Development and discuss support needed for your dreams to reality.

Level 1 Business Start Up/ Development Package: £500

Do you have a Business idea and you want to explore it further but feel stuck, overwhelmed and not sure what to do next. I can help you with the right steps to take your dreams to reality.

What we offer What difference it will make to your business
  • Business discovery session
  • Business checklist
  • Business implementation plan sample
  • Online coaching sessions
  • Business plan – essential template for success
  • Clearer vision and business strategy
  • A business implementation plan
  • Focus on business planning to learn and grow
  • Essential areas of work on business you forgot about that could have led to the failure
  • Progress towards clarity and clear direction/ goals

Level 2: Bronze Package £2,500:

Do you have a business idea and need a business plan and more support - we can help you develop your business. This small investment will equip you with essential guidance. I know your business planning is crucial to your success.

What we offer: What difference it will make to your business:

Business start-up Level 1 above plus

  • Online/ phone coaching sessions to develop your detailed business plan
  • Essential guidance, tools & tip with intense work 1-1, email follow up
  • This package has 3 hours 1-1 coaching

  • A brilliant foundation for a great business with all the above, supporting you to find your purpose/ niche
  • Supporting you to develop a business plan when you feel stuck and indecisive to master your dreams
  • Essential guidance to build a good foundation step by step with greater guidance and top experience

Level 3: Silver Package £5,000:

Do you want a successful business? Do you already have some ideas and plans but need coaching towards a winning business plan to take your business to a new level? Grab this powerful business programme.

What we offer: What difference it will make to your business

Bronze Package - Level 2 above plus

  • My elite living coaching business plan
  • List of coaches to model and materials
  • Membership models – suggested similar businesses for you to explore, role models and additional business coaching
  • This package has 6 hours 1-1 coaching
  • Already made a business plan for you to save time on your business. I share with you my own detailed business plan with all the research over 15 years packaged up just for you with powerful resources for a winning business plan.
  • Helping you understand the journey to success giving you time, expertise in each area of business planning adding to consistency and keeping you on the right path with an abundance mindset.

Level 4: Gold Package £10,000:

Do you want a highly successful business? Do you have ideas but need so much more time and help to take your business to another level. I want to invest in helping you so you save time and get the best results. I know you are hungry for change and success now.

What we offer What difference it will make to your business

Silver Package - Level 3 above plus

  • Additional coaching and goal reviews
  • Marketing plan and PR ideas
  • Resources and virtual staff assistance recognised by your needs
  • Neuro-linguistic programming training – building rapport with clients
  • Website design or website review to master your business to a new level
  • This package has 12 hours 1-1 coaching
  • You may not want to employ staff but you would like a virtual assistant to support you further with your business ideas, planning, goal setting, marketing, addressing competition, financial planning, resources and risk management. Additional hands-on extra help in areas you have no skills in but willing to learn, grow and keep focused with a success mindset
  • Website design/ review to support you to get more clients online – investing more in business development and marketing to make a bigger impact.
VIP Exclusive Elite Package £20,000:
Do you want to transform from your day job to your dream job now? Do you want help with personal development and success coaching for the next year to live an elite life. Do you need help with everything from beginning to the end? Do you want all of the above and more. I am committed and I really want to help you. I am offering you a free 30-minute discovery session now. Success takes time and investment and I am ready to help you master life and success. 1-1 Coaching plus a finalised business plan.


  • Life coaching and transformation programmes - go to the main menu tab for more information
  • Life coaching – master coach certificate programmes if you want to become a life coach
  • Business support packages i.e. monitoring, impact reporting, staff coaching, line management, setting up a new website
  • Charity support packages: sustainability planning, impact reporting, staff success coaching, project planning, fundraising
  • Book writing coaching packages: inspire others with your hidden story and how start writing your story