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Business Support Packages

Elite Living Academy can offer you Elite Consultancy SUPPORT Packages to support you to improve performance daily - transforming how you work

Business Support Coaching Sessions

Business Support/ Coaching Session £60: 45mins coaching session on an area of your life you need support towards a Healthy Finances and Personal Development.

Business Support Discovery Session £100: 90 mins - Business Support Extensively Explored - Guidance to Development and discuss support needed for your dreams to reality.

£400 charge per day on the following areas of support:

  • MONITORING/ EVALUATIONS: Record victories and celebrate impact
  • PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: Staff Performance reviews
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming): Understand your customers, staff, adapting to your needs, define the art of asking, master selling and getting contracts with better rapport and communication
  • LINE MANAGEMENT: Policies and procedures, motivating employees and monthly support to free up your time with other key areas of work
  • RISK MANAGEMENT: Risk identification, assessment and reviewing to ensure you are legal, compliance and operating with good policies and procedures
  • RELATONSHIP MANAGEMENT & PARTNERSHIP WORKING: relationship building, partnerships, collaboration agreements, stakeholder management, team building, building your vision, mission and values
  • FUNDRAISING & FUNDRAISING PLANNING: Understand and create Multiple Revenue Streams for your organisation, have a critical analysis of your charity to look at your current funding streams and how these can be improved
  • STRATEGIC SUPPORT: Facilitation and Consultation
  • WEBSITE DESIGN/ REVIEW: Reviewing current website or new website design
  • MARKETING PLANNING: Consultation, tips, templates and resources. Social Media Planning.
  • HUMAN RESOURCES/ EMPLOYING NEW STAFF - Employing new staff members, recruitment and selection, interviews

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Therapy) Sessions: £100: 1hour or £150: 2 hours

  • Achieve outcomes and significant goals, maximising personal learning and development.
  • Transform the way you learn, interact and work with others.
  • Learn tools, skills and strategies necessary to promote effective learning and change.
  • Use NLP tools and skills to help people do more and make more of their lives, remove fears, limiting beliefs, and understand your values that guide your life and passions.
  • Assist you to discover and activate your deepest resources to be effective in the world.
  • Understand State Management; Establishing and Maintaining Rapport with Individuals and Groups; Ability to be Appropriately Flexible ­ Physically and Mentally; Giving Effective Feedback; Systemically; Adapting to Different Behaviour and Thinking Styles; Using Storytelling; Anchoring Individuals and Groups; Shifting Perceptual Positions.
Boost your business with the right guidance, right tools, right skills, right knowledge and essential resources and materials FOR SUCCESS NOW...YOU ARE WORTH IT!

  • BUSINESS PLANNING PACKAGES: Monitoring, Impact Reporting, Staff Coaching
  • BOOK WRITING COACHING PACKAGES: Inspire Others with Your Hidden Story